20/02/1998 - 28/04/1998

Angels' Dreams

Sleep... Sleep... My sweet beauty
And when you will wake up
I promise here to be
My kisses will be your first coffee cup

Dream... Dream... My sweet Angel
When you'll open your eyes
The dawn like a candle

Hush... Hush... My sweet mermaid
When the sun will be in
And will cover your bed
Its beams will glide my hand on your sweet skin.


Angels' Bar

And I was in this lonely bar
Gazing at my beer, staring far
What I was waitin' for ? Don't know
No I didn't and still don't now
Maybe I was standing there just
To see Angels of my young lust
But Angels don't sit at my table
They all drink away in their fable.


Angels' Eyelids

Don't forget to close your eyes
My sweet Angel of the night
'Cuz I will penetrate into your dreams
Just to kiss the back of your eyelids


Angels' Neck

Raise up your hair
Then I'll kiss your neck
Your collarbone is the frontier
Between your virgin soul
And your perfect body
Raise up your hair
With your hands
To make your breast
Point at the Angels


Angels' Song

Hear what my heart is always playin' ;
There must be a song that is sayin' :

"When I'm sad and lonely,
I think about you baby,
But, sweet Angel, the more happy I am,
The more I need you clasped into my arms."

And if there isn't such a song, out of the blue
I promise, sweet Angel, that I'll write it for you.


Angels' Life

When the Angel was
An Angel
He didn't see colors
He has watched
The fire of war
On the television
He has found
A purple dress
That was expected
To give Him
Power fame and fortune
He never thought
About riches
And gold and diamonds
The only fog
That He ever swam in
Was His own spirit
The fog was black
His spirit was white
The only sea
That He ever drank in
Was humans' soul
The sea ran wet
The souls ran dry

When the Angel was
An Angel
He never sang
Until the Sky was staring at Him
He never spoke
Until the Earth was feeling His feet
He never ever whispered one tear
'Til the Sun was warmin' His wings

When the Angel was
An Angel
He knew
And nothing could break Him down
'Cuz He could dive
Down into the Sixth Sky
And trade a starfish
For a lead role in the Milky way

And when the little boy was
A little girl
She always dreamed
That she was
An Angel


Angels' Tragedy

And the Angel looked upon his shoulder
To watch the Romeo and Juliet's kiss
And he knew from the start that whatever
They do or say there'll be this state of bliss
That will kill them both without any fear
Without any regret nor any blood
And from the river of poison and tears
They will reborn as king and queen
Everyone will forget the spleen
As the Angel will sing their song loud


Angels' Look

Her short blond hair was blowin' in the wind
As the poet has said in the Dylan's song
And the answer has never been so strong
When her own Truth has stopped to be a sin

And my little blond Angel has short hair
So she always lets the wind's kisses flow
Upon her gracious neck like a mermaid
Who feels on her body the water blows


Angels' Fight

Dark streets that smell wet
Grey walls where sweat flows
All alone or in two, the Angels walk
Up and down, slowly as trains, fast as jets
Still waitin' for the dry song of a crow
But no-one speaks, no-one hears, no-one talks

Gray streets hidden by shadows
Dark walls still ignoring light
Ev'ry little Angel falls from the sky
Riddin' the sunbeams that are ranged in rows
Holdin' between their teeth a rose that brights
To fight against razor blades cold and dry


Angels' Creation

The first day, God has created the Sixth Heaven
To fill every black hole in the Universe
The second day, He has put roses on Even
Just to watch their colors shinin'
The third day, the Lord has invented Dreams
To start writtin' the Real Story
The fourth fay, He has sprayed some perfume around
That he has called "Love" 'cuz it was a beautiful name
The fifth day the Lord has played guitar
And piano, violin and flute to make ev'rything dance
The sixth day, He has created Angels
For them to Live as Souls, to see Roses, to Dream, to Love and to Dance
The seventh day, God has watched His Creation
And He has thought that this one was better !


Angels' Weight

The absence of my own Angel is so heavy
Just as if the sun was falling down with my heart
Stuck inside of the star, huge, heavy but shinny
Just as if your absence could be seen clear as light

And I can remember how light my Angel was
Remember her body when hugged so close to mine
Remember the pressure of her thin breast, light, as
If she was just flying, light, as a moon that shines

Oh don't ya find it strange, my sweet little Angel,
That I feel your absence much stronger and concrete
And when you're in my arms, oh my lovely Angel,
I almost feel your wings' lightness in our heartbeat ?


Angels' Identity

Some knows
How sweet are
My Angel's kisses

Some knows
All my Angel's

But I
Am the one
Who had felt her tears

And that's why
She is
My Angel


Angels' Work

Angels know
The story
Of Mankind and their Fears
From Eve's first kiss
To the coin
That still fills the bum's heart
With hope

Angels write
In their pillow book :

The dream of the swam on the lake
The first cigarette on morning with black hot coffee
The milky skin of the girl sitting in a pub
The smile of the pretty florist's face
The lovers' hug on the Pont-Neuf bridge
Faust's legend and Mano's requiem
Summer that comes a different day every year
Poems that comes with red roses
The confuse sound after school day
The silence in cinemas
The crowd's shout when the wall has been broken
His silent tears on the poet's graveyard
The hopeless burst of bombs
The wild beauty of a dying star
The never ending story
Cain's betray
Penelope's patience
Julie's fight against forgetting

All is written down
Every mark that every man
Tries to leave
On the crust of the Earth


Angels' Tears

Carrying all her light in her eyes
Angel has to feed her heart's fire
Really needs enough warm to beat
Or she'd fall asleep unconscious
Leaving laughters behind her
In tears to clean her twinkling eyes
Nobody knows that her tears come without sadness
Everybody would think she's unhappy but I


Angels' Sun

Two Angels who meet again
Have nothing to explain
When they are together, forgetting pain
The sun burns the last drop of rain


Angels' Poem

I would like to compose a Poem
For my sweet Angel
But can it be written ?
With sunbeams and clear light of the moon
With laughters warm like the deep cut of a razor blade
And blue tears fresh like an oasis in the desert
Can it be written ?
I want it beautiful like the edge of her breast
Emotional like the bleeding mark under her eye
And passionate like her reflection in my heart
Can it be written ?
I don't want my Angel to read this poem
I want her to know it
By heart
Like a song that everybody knows
Without having heard it once
Think it can't be written !
'Cuz nothing is perfect enough
To celebrate an Angel...


Angels' Birth

Every human being is a Creation
He comes from other human beings
They have shaped him
Just like an ancestral sculpture
Whatever they love him
After they gave him life
They have rights upon this life they created
Just like this cool man
Who sucks his bud after rolling it


Angels' Name

Caroline come closer, give me softly your hand,
With your firefly's eyes, shiny like a candle
Our long path will be clear, that's just what I pretend.

Can't you see our bodies interweaved in the sand
When the sky is so blue I fly off the handle
And I would walk with you 'til we meet the ocean.

With your sweet flesh like silk and all kisses you breathe
I feel like I'm falling in love with an Angel
Sunk in your eyes' candles with nothing else to leave.

My soft song is stupid and I want more to give
To an Angel like you but I can just ramble
Thinkin' about you, girl, I'm filled up like a breeze.


Angels' Time

For an Angel
Time is a non-sense
Angels are eternal
And they even don't know
How to measure Time

But if you really want to know what Time can be
Close your eyes shut your mouth and feel an Angel flies
One second he was not, just after here he was
Time is just the moment when this Angel you see


Angels' Love

Hold on the dream
I look into your eyes
And to me it seems
That some Angels rise

Angie, Angie, you cannot act in another way
You have to love me as all prophets say
Angie, Angie, I promise close to you to stay
Under your wing there are Angels' flutes that play

Followin' your wings
I'd climb up to the skies
Angels 're stuck in loving
It's shinin' in their eyes


Angels' Blood

Have you watched enough sunrise in the mornin' skies ?
It's so red and so pure : seems to be full of life...
There's an Angel bleedin', a white Angel that cries,
In each of them, always, with in his heart a knife.

Blue blood blowin' barely from their foolish failure
Flowin' fast and fairy runs into red and flies
'Cuz they carry candles that light up all our lies
Gorgeous Angels growin' pouring by Pain's pressure

There's an Angel bleeding in each sunset you see,
But you're the only one that is to heal for me.


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