When J.M. will reach heaven

22/05/1991 - 02/06/1991

First Step

When J.M. will reach Heaven
He would contemplate the Lake
The Lake is sleepin' again
Until the Swan swims and shakes

The poet sits next to the tree
He shoots a quick look on her
Opens her naked body
He jumps and he loves the chair

Then the thief and the poet join
And the raper wakes up now
Their smoked souls touch her skin
Dream J.M.'s reaching Heaven.


Second Step

I touch the paradise with my lips
I look into your eyes and I kiss
The Swan will never be by your side
Cuz on Mother Nature's cloud you glide
Smoking the Sun to make your heart beat
Oh Jesus life is so beautiful
Wanna be a star twinkling the moon
Wanna be a bird flying alone
Wanna be a sky counting my bones
I want to fly high over the death
I want to kill the silence like a deaf
I want to love bodies that I rip
Want to burn paradise with my lips.


Third Step

Looking for the man in the street
Looking for the light smelling shit
And I don't care if sun's shining
And I don't care about feelings

Loving with the man in the street
Loving with the light burning shit
And I don't care if sun's shining
And I don't care 'bout moon's feelings.


Fourth Step

Sweet Lady Mary
Is sharin' her beautiful eyes
Blowin' in the wind
Her clouds make the Devil to die

She has touch the light
Takin' with hair the blue candle
She avoids the fight
Turnin' on clocks the red handle

Sweet Lady Mary
Has eaten salt, pepper and grass
And she loves fairy
Cuz she dreams to go and to pass.


Fifth Step

Love is in the brown smoke
And when this old sun shines
There's one lover who talks
The other is out line

Death is in the brown smoke
And when old people sit
There's two females who talk
Beating by man's heartbeat

Laugh is in the brown smoke
And when I love flowers
There'd my senses that talk
My soul gets much higher.


Sixth Step

God, I'm just a wanker
I am fucking the rain
Just for my own pleasure

Jesus, you're a nigger
For loving yourself then
Just to get much higher

Come on babe, just love me
I want you, all the night
Want to suck your body.


Seventh Step

Why the teacher's scratching your nerves
When birds are singin' in the sun
What could finish the swallow's fun
Which kills beetles dancin' your nerves


Eighth Step

Now look for the girl with red hair
And look how she moves and dances
Her so pretty young virgin hips
Look how she caresses her thighs

Look her beautiful naked breast
It always points me to the sky
Try to set her another kiss
Try to love her for the first time

Cuz God's revenge is on the road
It's going to kill all false lovers
The bleeding hearts and the artists
Are going to break on through walls

So meet them to the other side
When the moon has done a full turn
Meet me in your deepest feelings
Sitting on a cloud up to the world.


Ninth Step

And you're moving so silently
And all your steps are made slowly
You can just move into the groove
Because dance on fire and move

And you're just right upon the cloud
And you fritter and waste time so proud
Goin' to sky for a shelter
Cuz your foggy soul needs helper.


Tenth Step

You have to remember that I am dead
You have to remember that I am dead
And I just need a pillow and a bed

The flame in the rainbow's ringin' the bell
And my feelings are cold like a deep cut
I want to climb the hill to find the shell

The woman with short dress gives a smile but
Wherever I look I crash my mad head
So tell me why people frighten with nuts

Kiss the moon an roll over what you've made
But always remember that I am dead.


Eleventh Step

Now we are on the half part of the scene
Jump through the mirror, enter in yourself
And see your heart painted black by itself
While your hands 're playin' guitar to join in

And see how deep your dreams can ever dive
Ain't got to keep feet on earth : use your wings
Go deeper and deeper in your feelings
And pass the head upon what you have lived.


Twelfth Step

Wanna get higher than Jesus ?
Wanna rule the world all alone ?
Wanna be in forever young ?

So just become Jesus !
So just climb up the tree !
Do what you want : you're free !

And if you ever become Christ
Go to the night to light my star
And please just send me a sun kiss.


Thirteenth Step

Death and Fire have met me on a train
I was dreaming 'bout beautiful stones
I was laughing about Storm and Rain
Feeling like dust, like ashes, like bones

Angel and Love have met me today
And we have talked about the Devil
Choose to enter in his dark play
Show him Beauty isn't sleeping still.


Fourteenth Step

I search
The church

I've lost my way in a tunnel
Could be Heaven but could be Hell

Don't know
What's now

I've looked for you everywhere
Want to suck apple in your hair


Fifteenth Step

I don't know just where I'm goin'
Walking up and down this white hall
I gonna try to paint this wall
And to shoot stars that not twinklin'
Cuz I feel like... well I don't know
And wanna catch myself and NOW
And put my back right against bricks
And then paint them black and just kick
Into all the pink hopes and dreams
That hurt my soul to make it clean
And I feel like... I just don't know...
Like the snow dancin' on rainbow.


Sixteenth Step

WAKE UP ! you were dreaming
You're alive and I'm dead
There's no pain in my head
Now the dust is burning

My sorrows are so rose.


Seventeenth Step

And you know that from where I stand
I can contemplate all the lands
And I've seen all when Jesus died
And I've seen all when Berlin cried
And I've seen all when your heart sang
And I've seen all when your tears ran
And I've seen all when the rain stopped
But I just can't make your love dropped.


Eighteenth Step

Girl, I cry for the tear
Rolling over your skin
I laugh when you're jokin'
When the clouds disappear

I would love to clasp you into my arms
It's obvious that your apple has no worms

I love you under storm
With your sweet wet T-shirt
With your rainy haircut
And your sad smile on fire.


Nineteenth Step

Now this is the end of your life, baby
And your golden grave is dug in the sky
And now close your kaleidoscope eyes
You will never finish your fantasy

This is the end of ev'rything that shines
And your silver heart won't beat anymore
You'll never know why you are dying for
Because I want you to follow the line

I want you on turning away
Girl this is the end of the day
Remember nights we've tried to die
Girl it's the end of all we've tried.


Twentieth Step

Have you ever made love on paradise ?
Have you ever seen your own shadow rise ?
Now you are the ghost of your own shadow
Now you're Snow, Rainbow, Sparrow and Swallow

Feel me, touch me, see me and taste my love

Isn't it good to fly like a dove ?
Isn't it good to know how tastes the Death ?


Last Step

When J.M. will reach Heaven
He'll still look the girl in white
And the girl will heal his pain
As the Swan's swimmin' in night

And the poet will sing his song
While the girl will put off dress
And his heart will grow so long
Between the hips of his Faith

Then there will be a big fire
Then will come the dream makers
Everything will shine over
Cuz J.M. will smoke Heaven.


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